Altama Software Systems Inc

Altama Software Systems

Streamlining innovation for a changing world.


We build solutions faster than anyone else, and you can expect our software to meet your business needs with a degree of accuracy that you never thought possible with automation tools. Our experience has allowed us to refine processes extraneous of physical technology. Our processes have distilled development methodologies to a predictable algorithmic series of events. Quality is easy, so we might as well do it as fast as possible. With using Ruby on Rails as our standard development environment, we can achieve rapid results.



When you choose a solution with Altama Systems, you are selected to be part of the team. Our innovative approach allows regular scheduled discussion periods at timed length. Conversation is encouraged and questions are addressed quickly to remove any uncertainty in projects. Things that you can expect with our services include (but are not limited to) project documents, requirements, timeline planning and direct correspondence to production-level talent.



Our developers, designers, and business specialists are residents of Canada. We choose to support local talent, and leverage the focused skill of Canadian engineering. Near-sourcing is the term commonly used to compete against outsourcing. Hire the skilled talent to support our growing economy.

  • Competitive service rates
  • World leader in experience and education
  • Industry proven to be friendly and reliable


What Makes Altama Unique?


Honesty, integrity, and the ability to adapt to change; rapidly. It's not what technology we create or use, but how we diagnose troubles in corporate environments--and introduce solutions to automate them.

Our desire to integrate cutting-edge technologies (such as Ruby on Rails) comes second to how we develop software. We take a surgical approach to addressing business needs, and deliver not what you think you need, but what your business requires to succeed—and provide a mathematical strategy to achieve it.