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Exceeding the limitations of imagination.

Custom Software Applications

Although our expertise is in Ruby on Rails, we have also provided solutions through Laravel PHP, and MEAN stack.


Chronos Investment Tracker

Business Tools

NRG Booking System



Coming Soon


Agile Training

Off-Line Agility

What Agile process is best for your corporation? Agile is trending towards moving away from tech, and now entering service and retail environments. How does a system like Kanban fit? (or even extreme programming).

Sign up today to learn more about how you can take Agile offline, and boost your output with a framework that's tried and tested in technology, yet tailored for the next generation of business!

Teambuilding and Process Optimization

Scrum is the Agile framework for rock-solid communication and team building practices. If you notice that your company could improve productivity contact us today for an on-site evaluation on how you can transform your business to respond to immediate change.